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Thursday, 03 July 2014 17:19

New required RVIA labels are in stock


We've published our updated 2014 RV Compliance & Safety Label Catalog, which includes all of the revised labels that comply with the 2014 NFPA 1192 Standard on Recreational Vehicles. You can view the labels at our online shopping or as a PDF.

On June 16th, we will begin shipping the revised catalog labels. In some cases, the new version shipped before that date if inventory of the old version was depleted. Pricing for the labels will also change on June 16th.

11 rv label 2014      


Get 3D decals in fun designs.

Did you see our cute Deco-Form frog mascot and wish you had a few for your kids - who LOVE frogs? Now you can purchase small quantities of fun Deco-Form decals at our new site,

It offers small quantities at low prices.

 We chose a few popular designs - in a variety of great colors - and made it simple to order them. We'll be adding more designs as we go along, so there will always be something bright and new to peak your interest.

The 3 dimensional decals are outdoor durable with automotive grade adhesive and color that won't fade. All of our new Deco-Graphics products are in stock so ship within 24 hours of an order.

Wednesday, 02 July 2014 17:18

Media Features Trailer Hitch Safety

Did you catch the Today Show this morning? They highlighted trailer safety in a story about a father and daughter killed in a car accident because a trailer had been hitched without safety chains.

Watch the video 

They showed a real world demonstration of the difference safety chains make in an accident. In 1 test with safety chains, the vehicle towing the trailer was able to come to a safe stop. In another test, without chains, the trailer careened off the road and flipped end over end.

At the end of the Today Show segment, they reference NHTSA's guide for safe towing. We've added that link to our website.

Keep your customers safe. We have a variety of safety chain warning and instruction labels online at



Wednesday, 23 January 2013 17:17

Great time at the IBEX Show 2012

Our booth at the 2012 IBEX Show, the premier trade show for the boating industry, was a big success. Though we showed our warning and information label for the marine industry, we prominently featured our new 3-D Deco-Forming. Both boat builders and component manufacturers were really interested in the shiny, multi-layer chrome look of the emblems.


As always, there were a lot of inquiries about our capacity plates, and we have a really good conversation with representatives from the U.S. Coast Guard about promoting them even more.

Friday, 17 May 2013 17:16

3D DecoForm

We're excited to share our new product line with you. DecoForm offers a beautifully embossed, raised design that can take your logo to a new level of sophistication.


DecoForm can simulate formed chrome or stainless steel or a multi-color injection molded piece. We can also incorporate different textures.

The automotive grade durability will ensure your logo looks amazing for years to come.


We can help you stand out from the crowd. See more samples on our website facebook page:



Wednesday, 02 July 2014 17:15

Dec-O-Art introduces Deco-Direct website

Dec-O-Art has introduce a new website tailored to users of our industry specific warning and information labels. While we've had our stock label catalogs online for many years, the website has always focused more on the flashier product ID decals. The new www.deco-direct site will specifically address the needs of the trailer, recreational vehicle, marine, and manufactured housing industries.

Topics will include educational information about current label regulations, proposed regulatory changes and how they will affect manufacturers, and optional labels that reduce manufacturers liability. 

We are also rolling out a new user friendly shopping cart where customers can purchase labels in small quantities at reasonable prices. The shopping cart will be introduced the trailer industry as soon as the site is introduced, then expanded to the other industries at a later date.  

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