RV Labels and Decals


Do you offer all of the RVIA required labels?

Yes we offer them all individually or you can purchase a label sheet that includes all of the labels you need. The label sheet allows you to order and inventory a single item instead of numerous labels. For quality control, it also helps ensure all of the labels get applied.

What happens when RVIA changes their label requirements?

We work closely with the RVIA. Our company's President is a member of the association's Standards Committee. We constantly monitor standards. When a change is approved, we begin planning for implementation to ensure all of our affected labels are updated well in advance. We pay attention to your buying habits and make purchasing recommendations when necessary to make sure you don't get stuck with excess inventories of labels that will change soon.

I don't see the label I'm looking for in your catalog.

No problem. We make custom labels (and graphics) for customers all of the time. You can see our custom labels at www.dec-o-art.com.


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